Musings of a journalist e hija de los barrios de Boyle Heights,
Mexico City y Nueva York

Created in 2014, ella está por embarcar represented an opportunity to put my experiences as a transfronteriza into creative articulation through the written Spanglish word. I first moved to Mexico City in 2011 and the overwhelming sense of displacement and inspiration–como semilla de la diaspora coming to terms with my place in the Borderlands–informed the creation of this blog and my love and commitemtnt to creative writing.

This blog maps out los rumbos de una transfronteriza rebel escritora. The fire and zeal of the first posts of a young womxn coming to terms with her love for writing, re-claiming her voice and vision. The love notes to Mexico City. The sporadic and anxious writing of a journalist and grad student who wants to write poems. The defiantly un-edited midnight posts dónde re-nace mi voz de escritora.

El viaje sigue, ella sigue habitando los márgenes, y las fronteras son suyas. Reflected in these posts are my musing on life, music, politics and love in Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York City and the Borderlands. Bienvenidxs.



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