Encuentros aleccionadores

Hoy es luna llena,  and tonight we witness the particularly grand spectacle of the blood moon, un eclipse lunar. Astronomical and historical nights like this one serves to remind us of the grandeur and immensity that engulfs us.  For while we indeed live, suffer and enjoy in excruciatingly complex ways, we occupy a relatively minuscule place within greater forms of existence. On a stroll around my neighborhood in Los Ángeles,  the brilliantly illuminated night sky is a reminder of this astronomical truth.  This lunar lesson remits to lessons of a more spiritual kind, product of intersections with people  who have taught me lessons on simplicity, gratitude and fulfillment. While I may suffer and hurt through every transition, I am reminded of my place within greater celestial, corporal and spiritual positioning and alignments. The following is a lesson gifted to me by a friend in Mexico City regarding happiness within place and living and companionship with life itself:

¡La vida es bella! I just finished having coffee with a lovely mujer, Sindy, in Café 123 by Metro Juarez. I had the most sincere and sublime conversation with her, on living in Mexico City and the pursuit of passion and our right to be inquietas and noncoforming. Sindy has lived in Mexico City for about six years now and her decision to stay and live in Mexico parted from her experience as an exchange student at UNAM.  I see much of my passion and love compatible with hers; she appreciates the culture and creativity of the city, the intimacy and comfort emanated from its public space and imbued in its people.

She explained her conviction and commitment to the life she lives in Mexico City as both struggle and perseverance.  She had the graciousness to offer me her experience and inspiration for my own journey and struggle in Mexico City.  As she so lyrically and philosophically put it, the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment is a great effort of resistance and justice because it not only channels our impetus for fundamental change inward but inspires us to transform ourselves into people capable of inspiring others.  For Sindy, her decision to live and struggle in D.F. has imbued in her the power of inspiration and creation. It has allowed for a transformative state of freedom: to find, create, pursue and channel all of my beautiful capacity to be free and to be happy.

I am grateful for Sindy and to life for facilitating my encuentros with people like her. As one friend poignantly stated, inspiration must come from within and that we are capable of finding it within ourselves. I think this is important and necessary, and an absolutely great compliment to inspiration transmitted from others as a beautiful synergetic exchange of life and strength.

Y como se lo comentaba a Sindy, me comprendo como una mujer eternamente acompañada y, a pesar de todo, consolada viviendo en la ciudad de México.  Es a menudo cruel pero cuando voy caminando por sus calles, o sentada en alguna plaza e incluso viajando en el metro, siento una profunda y sincera solidaridad con la gente que me rodea; comprendemos la belleza y fealdad de nuestro entorno y de nuestra ciudad.  El susurro de la guitarra, el flujo de los fuentes de agua, las charlas coquetas de las parejas y el silencio tranquilo de la muchacha que comparta la banca conmigo: todo me acompaña y me conforta.  Es sutil y placentero a la vez que conmovedor y a veces incomodo.  Me acompaña la ciudad pero mi eterno compañerx es la vida misma.


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Soy mujer que escribe, mujer que ama. Viviendo entre México, D.F. y Los Ángeles, California, soy perpetuamente una mujer y amante transfronterista. Soy la mujer que vive y piensa y algún día, como escribió Giocondo Belli, mis ojos encenderán luciérnagas.

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